What will happen to my Special Needs Child when I am gone?

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Ever wondered what will happen to your Special Needs Child when you are gone?

Has the thought of your Child’s future kept you awake at night?

Have you been fraught with worry thinking about your Child’s employment and medical evaluations after you have passed away?

If you have said yes to any of the questions above then this book “What will happen to my Special Needs Child when I am gone?” is for you.

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This book was born when the Author Susan Jules couldn’t find a single resource that had all the answers at one place regarding her Child’s future after she is no longer around. It took her months of long nights, social juggling, research and meetings, emails with attorneys, counselors, therapists, tax professionals, Social workers, financial advisors, and planners to get this book to fruition.

This book answers all the questions regarding the child's care, development assessment, funding, treatments, employment, governmental benefits, estate planning, Life Insurance, Letter of Intent, Last Will and Testament, and more in a clear and concise manner.

This is the best book you can gift yourself or gift it to a friend who is a Special Needs Parent. This books covers everything that is needed to ensure that the Special Needs Child is able to live a fulfilling life long after the guardian is long gone and the same lifestyle is maintained

Take a look at a few of the testimonials from parents who have read this book.

>> Forget Special Needs, this is a book which every family with a child should have and follow the instructions laid out, so that our children's lives are enriched long after we are gone, because at the end that is what you intend to accomplish - Tomer C from LA, California.

>> There are few books explaining the Path forward for Special Needs after the death of their parents and/or guardians. This book fills a real gap - Kimberly A from Fall River, Massachusetts.

>> This book is extremely useful for families with neurotypical children and in families where there is a mixture of special needs and neuro-typical children. It is invaluable and provides solace and information - Michelle W from Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

>> A book sorely needed in these challenging times. In fact, I was reminded of life's frailties during Covid Pandemic and I am glad this book helped me put my fears at ease - Amanda T from Trenton, Ohio.

Here’s exactly what you get in the book “What will happen to my Special Needs Child when I am gone?”

  • Information about Legalities surrounding the care for special needs children.
  • Broaching the topic of mortality with your special needs child.
  • Issues that arise after the death of a parent.
  • How to draw up your last Will and testament.
  • How to do your Estate planning.
  • How to draft a Letter of intent/written care plan.
  • How to open a Special needs trust.
  • How to set up Life Insurance.
  • How do you document emergency contacts, medical data/history, accounts, and passwords?
  • What kind of Legal protection do you need to have in place?
  • How to Review your child's guardianship?
  • How do you secure continued growth and development of your child?
  • And much more

This information has been presented in Bite-Sized portions so that it is easy for you to take action and get all the tasks completed.

And lastly, and most importantly what you will get is PEACE OF MIND that your Child's Future would be SECURE and that they will be taken care of, long after you are gone.

And your child will continue enjoying the SAME lifestyle he or she is used to.

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About the Author

Susan Jules is a single parent and a mother of a 16 year old Special Needs Child. She is very passionate about Special Needs Education and is quite involved in the activities of her child's school. She lives with her son and her dog Ranger in a small farm near Rexburg, Idaho.

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All the information you need

This book will give you all the information you need to secure the future for a Special Needs Child

Great for planning

A book which provides guidelines for why, when, who and how.

Excellent book

Excellent book and very much needed by caretakers and family ...

Easy reading

Well written

Worth the cost

Very good and thorough. Worth the cost.

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