U shaped Electric Toothbrush

Getting children to brush their teeth is sometimes a huge struggle. Some children hate it and neglect their teeth leading to cavities, plaque and gum diseases.

Complete dental care is made available in this elegant device to bring you the best results.

This U Shaped Electric Toothbrush incorporates brushing, whitening, and massaging the gums and all these takes just a few minutes.

This brush is made up of soft bristles and has two frequencies for cleaning – comfortable cleaning mode and hi-frequency brushing mode.

It takes about 90 minutes to charge. Once you switch on it takes about 30 seconds to complete one full brush movement. It auto stops after 30 secs and this can be switched on again.

And the best part : Children love to use it. Don't be surprised if they ask for this Toothbrush again and again

USB Charging

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