Tesla Coil Plasma Ball

This Tesla Coil Plasma Ball is an electrical resonant transformer circuit designed by Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla in 1891. It is a radio frequency oscillator that produces high voltages at low currents. It is completely safe and harmless.

This Tesla Coil Plasma Ball is a stress reliever for Children with special needs. They stare for hours at the colorful streams of electricity dancing across the surface of glass globe.

When Children place their finger on the glass surface the colored bolts of glowing light follow every move of their finger or the streaks of lights are completely still when their fingers are still. They find this extremely mesmerising and satisfying.

This Plasma Ball creates an amazing light show in the room from any angle. The spectacular display of lights actually help them calm down and focus on the light, making them still and can help focus their mind creating a sensory experience

The Best display of the light movements would be in the dark and care to be take since the globe is made of glass


  1. Not suitable for children below the age of 6 years
  2. Please do not touch the glass surface for a long period of time


Collections: Lighting

Type: Lights & Lighting

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