Self Care Journal For Autism Moms

Please Note: Unfortunately at this point of time, this product cannot be shipped to Australia and New Zealand.

Autism moms need all the help they can get when it comes to self-care. You know it should be a priority, but with your job, school drop-offs, visits to therapists, IEP meetings, cooking and other responsibilities, the family's needs always seem to come before our own much-needed personal time.

Most Autism moms are tired, stressed and prone to anxiety and burnout.

Scheduling self-care is extremely essential. If it is not scheduled then it never becomes real. Self-care makes a huge difference in our lives be it interactions with your family members or colleagues. Self-care has huge payoffs. You end up having more patience, energy and love for your family members.

This 52 Week Self-care journal has been designed to ensure that you schedule time for yourself doing things that you love, be more aware of your moods, regulate your thinking to be more positive, be grateful for people and things that are currently in your life among other things.

Please note that the interiors of the book are the same.


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