Roller Ball Massager Glove

This convenient massage tool fits right over your hand! The Roller Ball Massage Glove is simple, easy to use, and highly effective. With nine 360 degree roller balls and a highly ergonomic design, this helpful therapy item is perfect for relaxing and providing users with a unique sensory experience.

To use, simply use the plastic fastener to strap the massager onto your hand. Small, soft spines ensure that your hand won't slip out as you massage. The soft plastic material will warp and flex as you move your palm and fingers, allowing you to roll the massage balls right where they're needed with little difficulty.

With highly sturdy construction, this massager is durable and will stand up to repeated use. The lightweight, compact design makes it a great choice for parents.

Item specifics:

Material: Soft PVC, metal

Roller ball: 9

Size: 16.5x15x4cm / 6.49x5.90x1.57inches

Color:blue, purple, pink

Collections: Health

Type: Health

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