No Tie Elastic Shoelaces

This product is a great replacement for shoelace. It makes it really easy to slip your shoe on and off. You can buy any type of shoe that requires laces and jazz them up to be slip-ons!

These shoe laces have each piece gradually longer, so that it is easy to design your own configuration of how to lace those rubber bands for comfort with all or a part of them.

You can mix and match the way you lace these elastic bands in order to achieve a “perfect” fit with them.

No-tie elastic shoelaces are the perfect solution whether your child has Autism or special needs and hates tying shoelaces or you are a  parent who wants to end untied shoelaces, or simply can’t or don’t like tying shoelaces.

Item Specifics: 12 Pieces per Lot

Material: Silicon


Collections: Accessories

Type: Accessories

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