Mini Blossom Telescopic Ball

This Mini Telescopic Ball is an awesome fun toy. This colorful ball expands from 5.5 inches to 11 inches with one easy motion. The simple function of this transforming sphere makes it an extremely addictive fidget toy.  Push any hub and watch it contract!  A creative design that is innovative and educational.
This Ball is great for helping children with special needs visually understand deep breathing and expanding their chest cavity for relaxation.
It also provides a great sensory toy for individuals with Autism and SPD as the colorful sphere expands and contracts. It is addicting to play with and it will brighten up your child’s face.
Item specifics
  • Material: Plastic
  • Age Range: > 6 years old
  • size: 14cm * 14cm / 5.5″ * 5.5″
  • Expanded Size: 28cm * 28cm / 11″ * 11″


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