Kinetic Sand 500 Grams

Kinetic Sand is 98% sand and 2% bonding agent that causes the sand to stick only to itself in a soft clump.This sand is easily moldable, yet free flowing. It hardens when squeezed.


1) Fine Motor Development - This sand is hands on material. Squeeze it, squish it, or smash it to strengthen hands. Press cookie cutters down into flattened sand or pack it into little cups and flip them over to build sand castles and further develop those  muscles in the fingers and hands. The fine motor benefits are endless!

2) Sensory Processing - Kinetic Sand can be squeezed it provides deep pressure, which is a form of tactile input that is calming and organizing to the body. This is especially helpful for those who are sensory seekers. 

3) Writing Skills - Writing Activities are a great thing to encourage children to do with Kinetic Sand, by having a child practice drawings, letters, numbers, shapes and writing strokes with either their fingers or other objects. 

4) Creative Thinking - Creative Play is a big thing with Kinetic Sand as there is no one way to play with it, there are some children that struggle with imaginative play and this is a fantastic way to encourage creativity in a relaxed way.

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Age Range: > 3 years old

500 grams per bag

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