Grenade Type Shoe Lace Lock - 10 pcs/1 Lot

What is this shoe lock all about?

  • This shoe lock can be worn on any shoes with lace-up shoe and you don’t have to worry about any untied laces again

How will this shoe lock help a special needs child or a child /adult with autism?

  • Most people with Autism or special needs struggle to tie a bow tie with their shoe laces. The shoe laces come unraveled and there is a danger of the person tripping over the shoe laces. These shoe locks eliminate the need of making the bow tie forever

What are the other benefits?

  • These shoe locks conform to your feet for better comfort and support versus traditional shoe laces
  • It helps children with autism who have executive and motor skill impairments
  • It takes off the bother of tying shoelaces for people who don’t want to bother tying their laces
  • It helps to turn any laced up shoe into a slip on

How many pieces in one lot? And why do I need to buy 10 pcs at one time?

  • 10 pieces in 1 lot. We have started packing in lots of 10 because parents gave us the feedback that they need at least 8-10 pieces because these are small and tend to get misplaced and they need to reorder again and again

What are the other features? 

  • It can also be used for clothing, backpacks to tighten ropes, paracords and shoe laces
  • Shaped like a grenade, fits 6mm Dia Shoelace and has a spring inside
  • You can buy as many shoe lock lots as you want. 
  • Grenade Size: 34*16mm(1.33*0.92”)
  • Weight: 3.5gram(Grenade Type)
  • Package includes: 10pcs x Shoelace Lock



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