3 Pcs Ergonomic Pencil Grips For Better Handwriting

This Pencil Grip improves handwriting by helping to maintain a proper tripod – 3 finger grasp (by keeping the index finger and thumb from ‘crossing over)’. This grip is recommended by most therapists to help children write.

Holding a pencil or pen correctly requires strong finger and hand muscles and dexterity.  This pencil grip will enable the child to move the fingers, controlling the pencil or pen with efficient movement.

The ergonomic shape combined with the soft material, offers support, comfort and assistance with finger placement. 

It also provides relief from fatigue and pain caused by inefficient grip or incorrect method of holding the pencil which would otherwise also cause handwriting speed to slow down

Quantity : 3 PCS
Material: Silica gel



Collections: Health

Type: Health

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