Durable Pogo & Bungee Jumper for Kids

Durable Pogo & Bungee Jumper for Kids on the Spectrum

Children with autism not only have limited social and communicative skills but also have motor abnormalities, such as poor timing and coordination of balance. Moreover, impaired gross motor skills hamper participation with peers. Balance control is interesting from a cognitive science perspective, since it involves a complex interplay between information processing, motor planning, and timing and sequencing of muscle movements.

Activities like jumping on a Pogo Stick can help these children.
1. It helps train hand eye coordination and gross motor skills
2. This is Jumping Toy that encourages fitness
3. It also helps develop a fine sense of balance
4. And most importantly it is lot of FUN

Crafted from durable foam, jumping on this pogo stick is fun and each jump makes a fun squeaky sound. Children can grab on to the comfy foam handles, step on to the durable footholds, and pull. It’s time to start hoping, squeaking, and counting.

We’ve designed our kids jumper for indoor and outdoor use, the heavy duty components will withstand all conditions. This pogo jumper for kids is made to last! A great boys or girls toy for ages 3 and up!

When the kids jump, they feel like they are flying higher and when they land a built in squeaker makes funny sound and kids can start counting


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