Dinosaur Hand Puppet


If your kids love dinosaurs, then they're going to love these puppet gloves!

This Dinosaurs Hand Puppet has teeth  made to look sharp (but actually soft) and eyes, realistic color and artificial hand-painting technology.

The hand puppet's mouth can open and close by moving the fingers and can make endless facial expressions due to the super soft stretchable rubber. Kids will have great fun scaring their friends with these realistic dinosaur hand puppets.

Hand puppets are a perfect way for kids to enjoy interactive and educational play. Puppets encourage children to actively use their imagination.

Dino hand puppets are suitable for both boys and girls and this is a great choice for the dinosaur obsessed child in your life :-) 

Please kindly note:

  1. Odor: Our product contains natural rubber latex. The smell of latex will disappear in time once the hand puppet is out of package.
  2. Allergy: Please keep away if you are allergic to Latex.
  3. One Size: Our hand puppet Not suitable for children under 3 years.
  4. Please keep this toy away from fire.


  • 1 x Dinosaur Hand Puppet


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