Cute Wooden Animal Bowling Toy

It's time for lots of fun with our Cute Wooden Animal Bowling Toy! Young children will love bowling with the animal face ball as they try to hit the animal themed pins. This brightly colored plush bowling game includes six pins.

To play, simply set up the various adorable pins. Each pin is made of wood, durable material that will stand up to wear. Then, encourage kids to bowl and knock down as many as possible! For added fun, try arranging the pins in different formations, or turn it into an educational game by asking players to count how many pins they knocked over. 

Great for active play, eye-hand coordination, imaginative play, and more! This is a wonderful first game to help build dexterity.

Age: >3 years

Quantity: 6 Pins and 2 Balls

Pin Height: 10 cms / 3.9"

Ball Diameter: 3.3 cms / 1.3"

Colors of the item will be selected at random


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