Classic Intellectual Wooden Puzzle 1

What is this puzzle all about ?

  • This one is a kind of KONGMING Lock.

  • This Intellectual Wooden Puzzle is a type of intellectual toy that is composed of many wood blocks.

  • This Puzzle is quite hard to play with. Sometimes, people may spend hours but still can’t unlock the lock.

  •  Looks quite simple in structure. However, it is difficult to put the pieces together. We must observe patiently and think seriously to get the problem solved.

  • Puzzle lock is quite interesting. It may add great fun to our daily life.

What is the child supposed to do?

  • The child is supposed to disassemble and assemble the lock

Why should you buy this toy and how does it help your child?

  • The toy helps in relaxing the child’s body and brain

  • It helps to improve IQ, boosts intelligence and helps the fingers to be more flexible

  • It also helps to improve the child’s divergent thinking and patience

Is this toy durable?

  • The puzzle is made of wood.  Hence the toy is quite durable

For what ages is this toy recommended for?

  • This toy is usually recommended for children above the age of 6 years


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