Anti Stress Grape Ball & Sensory Toy

This Grape Ball squeezee is a great tool for relieving stress and anxiety.

Stay calm and Squeeze your stress away! The unique stress ball is filled with tons of tiny colorful balls that get squished through a mesh lining when you squeeze it.

It feels so interesting to squeeze and hold! Use it as a fidget or a hand strengthening exercise.

By providing children with a simple, squishy fidget, the Anti-Stress Grape Ball can help with calming meltdowns, encouraging fine motor development, and redirecting attention and focus.

Allowing children to squeeze and manipulate the soft gel is a wonderful sensory activity. 

It's made from non-toxic material so they're safe for children to use.

  • Dimensions: 6 cm / 2.37 inches
  • These newly designed Autism Sensory Anti-Stress (Grape Look-a-Like) Toys are great as gifts or for your own children’s use.
  • These are great sensory toys – Apt for people with Autism and Special Needs


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