3mm Square Shaped Magnetic Cube

The toy is very apt for ADULTS with short attention span or adults with Autism, ADHD and Special Needs

Build anything you want by rearranging the cube. The possibilities for creating new patterns and shapes are endless. The easiest way to get started is to learn how to make a triangle and a hexagon and then create something using those shapes. Some of our favorite fascinating structures to build and modify are pyramids, spheroids, and cubes.

This magnet puzzle will give you literally hours of entertainment, and helps reduce stress, and develop the creative side of your brain.

The best part – It is Portable and it is easy to carry it around


Item specifics
  • Type: Magic Cube
  • Material: Metal
  • Age Range: For adults ONLY(Please be advised that this Toy should not be handled by children because it may pose a choking hazard)
  • Size: 3mm cube


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