105 Activities for Children with Autism and Special Needs

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Ever wondered how to improve the Motor, Language and Social Skills of your Child with Autism and Special Needs?

One of the best ways is through Activities, Games and Play.

The Games and activities in this book "105 Activities for Children with Autism and Special Needs" are just that, with long term benefits and most importantly designed to be FUN and Stress FREE

These 105 activities will help your child:

  • Strengthen and Develop their Gross Motor Skills
  • Encourage Social Engagement and Interactions
  • Stimulate Sensory Development
  • Help with their Mental Dexterity, Focus and Sharpness

The activities are presented in easy-to-grasp bits to enable you to engage easily with your Special Needs child and get the tasks completed in no time, and most importantly have fun in the process without the stress.

These activities will also help you to increase your overall interactions with your child, giving you the much-needed bonding you desire and your child will continue to experience great improvement in every aspect of life.

The book is available as an eBook and Paperback version. The eBook is available for sale on this website.

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This Letter of Intent covers Emotional Information, Family and Support Information, Financial Information, Legal Information, Government Benefit Information to guide your child’s future caregivers in making the most appropriate life decisions for your child and will also provide direction to your child’s trustee in fulfilling his or her fiduciary responsibilities.

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About the Author

Susan Jules is a single parent and a mother of a 16 year old Special Needs Child. She is very passionate about Special Needs Education and is quite involved in the activities of her child's school. She lives with her son and her dog Ranger in a small farm near Rexburg, Idaho.

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Excellent resource for fun activities
very creative
Amazing book
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Helpful resource for parents with children with Autism.

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