Autism Planner Workbook: A 52 Week Logbook and Notebook for Parents

Please Note: Unfortunately at this point of time, this product cannot be shipped to Australia and New Zealand.

This Special Needs and Autism planner workbook is a 52 Week Logbook designed for those incredible parents of children with Autism and Special Needs. It helps parents to track sensory activities, appointments, meetings, social goals, speech goals, therapies, shopping lists and more!

4 pages per week are dedicated to planning and recording goals of your child including social skills, speech and communication skills, and sensory goals ensuring that there is definite structure.

Size - 8.5 x 11 inch

Pages - 212

212 pages of 8.5" x 11" inch size ensures that there is more than enough space to document all the important information required

This planner also helps you to

  • Plan activities to try with your child during the week
  • Organize these activities by sensory categories
  • Include spots for social skills and speech/language activities
  • Helps reflect on the past week’s challenges, successes, and milestones

At the end of 1 year, you would have a comprehensive list of your documentation on your child’s progress that can be shared with therapists, doctors, psychologists, teachers, and other support staff involved in your child’s life.




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