Water Dental Floss

Oral Hygiene is generally neglected by Kids and Adults on the spectrum. Brushing can be difficult and challenging for children/adults with special needs. Hence Flossing is even more important in such cases

Water Dental Floss ensures that you floss your teeth with ease every day.

Using this Floss for at least one minute a day will complement your daily oral hygiene. 

The quick and easy cordless design pushes away food particles and plaque-causing debris.

All you have to do is fill the base with water and use the water jet to propel water and remove debris like a pro.

You can even fill it with mouthwash to freshen your breath as you floss.

IN addition to this a 3 sided toothbrush will also make the chore of brushing easier

Click here to buy a manual 3 sided toothbrush or

Click here to buy an electric 3 sided toothbrush


How To Use the Water Dental Floss

1. Remove the nozzle and fill water or mouthwash till the mark.

2. Attach the nozzle.

3. Push and pull the pump at the bottom at least 7 times to increase the pressure.

4. Place the nozzle in the mouth and use the switch button to turn the floss on and off.


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