Hanging Cocoon Swing - L

The Hanging Cocoon Swing is the perfect refuge for children. It is great for sensory integration therapy, for gross motor development, vestibular stimulation, spatial awareness and much more.

It offers relaxation and stimulates imagination in children. Wrapped in the soft fabric, sitting on the large and soft seat cushion, children find peace and quiet! The swing provides deep pressure, creating a cocoon-like effect. This can help stressed or agitated children/adults to feel more relaxed and allow them to refocus.

Swaddling gives children a sense of protection and blocks out unnecessary sensory input. This swing is a must for children/adults who have a Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, or those on the autism spectrum.
This swing will delight any child. It can be mounted in the child’s room, in the backyard or even taken along on trips. It comes with a large and detachable pillow
Item specifics
  • For ages 3+ to adult wrighing up to 220 lbs/100kgs
  • HOLDS UP TO 220 lbs. (100kg)


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