No-Tie Shoelaces For All Sneakers

  • EASY TO INSTALL: One size fits all. Customizable fit with a variety of lacing techniques. Each pack contains 10 straps, enough for a pair of shoes.
  • ORIGINAL NO-TIE TECHNOLOGY: Fasten once and never tie your shoes again. Turns lace up shoes into slipons so you don’t have to worry about loose laces.
  • COMFORT AND SUPPORT: Tieless laces are made with an elastic memory fit material that conforms to your feet providing comfort and support. Tieless Laces are the best compliment for sport shoes and leisure footwear.
  • PERFECT FOR EVERYONE: No-tie laces are the perfect solution whether your child has Autism or special needs and hates tying shoe laces or you are a mom who wants to end untied shoelaces, or simply can’t or don’t like tying shoelaces.

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