Flashcards for Learning

Flashcards are visual supports aiding powerful teaching strategies for children with autism or other special needs who have language and communication challenges. They help our children learn and generalize new vocabulary, expanding their communication abilities

Visual strategies, including flash cards, are essential teaching materials in autism classrooms and ABA programs. The visual support combined with real-life photographs helps them connect to everyday situations.

Flashcards use repetition to facilitate learning. The more repetition, the more your child's brain will build connections to the answer. Your child will be able to think of the concept and recall the answer much faster than staring at text in a book

These visual support Flashcards help to provide structure and routine, encourage independence, build confidence, improve understanding, avoid frustration and anxiety, and provide opportunities to interact with others.

They can make communication physical and consistent, rather than fleeting and inconsistent like spoken words sometimes can be.

These cards can be used by Children, Parents, Teachers, Therapists alike and these cards are adaptable, portable and can be used in most situations.

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