Ways to Make Your Home more Spectrum Friendly

October 17, 2018

Ways to Make Your Home more Spectrum Friendly

Autism does not affect just the child but it affects an entire family in multitudinous ways.  When you have someone dealing with the autism spectrum disorder (ASD), you have to make innumerable changes in and around you. One of these important changes is to ensure that your home is designed in such a manner so as to be autism-friendly, taking into account your autistic child’s safety and sensory needs.

Here are a few tips on how to make your home more comfortable for someone on the spectrum:

Work Space

One of the main characteristics of autistic children is that they have a tendency to focus on particular topics or have special interests.  And if you find that your kid has some special interest it always proves better for you and your kid, if you develop these interests. You can always use these interests to direct them towards career and academic goals. Thus it is always better if you could set up a smart part of your house to help pursue your child’s particular likes and interests. 

Bathroom Designs

Trying to master the bathroom routine for anyone on the spectrum can take a very long time, and each autistic child can be different from the other thus it is important that you organise your bathroom in accordance your child’s specific needs.

Firstly, the bathroom can be quite a tricky space, thus the primary rule of organising your bathroom is to keep your child safe. You can always have some grab bars and non-slip mats installed to help support your kid in his/her bending and standing activities and to decrease the excess water so as to avoid any injury or accident. Apart from that make sure you create a calming experience for your kid while also ensuring that your kid has easy access to storage spaces in the bathroom.

Secondly, one of the common challenges for children with autism is a dislike for toilet paper. But, a bidet seat with many automatic features can be a lifesaver to work to accommodate the unique needs of your child. Its primary purpose is to wash and clean the genitals and anus area hands-free.

Bidet seats come in many types- the traditional style, spray type, and smart bidet. A traditional bidet looks like a sink and is attached to the toilet, the bidet sprayer is quite similar looking to a kitchen sink spray and is controlled by a remote, where your child can adjust the temperature and the intensity of the water.  A smart bidet, on the other hand, features a side panel with which your child can control all the settings. These smart bidets are most useful for kids with special needs.

Sensory Environment

Trying to create a visual environment is proven to be very fruitful in regards to a child’s stimulation and movement.

Each child has a different level of tolerance and sensory needs. Thus when it comes to keeping them focused and in a better mood, it is always better to have natural or soft lighting throughout the house. To help reduce noise pollution, you could use quilts for the walls and some pillows on the soft furniture.

 Apart from that, you could always choose colors to channel your kid’s mood. For example, research has proven that calmness and creativity can be affected by the shades of blue, therefore it is always better to choose your colors in accordance to your child’s needs.  You could always fill one designated room with bright colors and appliances such as a television or a computer for family bonding, whereas you could have one room designed with soft textures, soft colors, and blankets for quiet activities like reading, balance boards, and puzzles etc.

 Space for Life Skills

According to many studies conducted in UK, Sweden, Ireland, and the USA, it has been noticed that at least 95% of individuals diagnosed with autism, even with early intervention, were not able to live independently. 

Therefore to help your children live independently in the future, you need to provide them with life skills as early as a possible to help them continue towards adulthood. You can label closets, shelves, and cupboards to help them go about their day easily and can also help them communicate properly, do laundry, wash the dishes, and clean up.


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