The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Best Toys for Kids on the Spectrum

October 10, 2018 1 Comment

The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Best Toys for Kids on the Spectrum

While choosing the best toys for children with autism, it is always important to take into consideration not only their particular likes and dislikes, but also what toy might be most appropriate for their age, ability, and developmental stage. Toys that require children to put in energy might be a wonderful choice for those children who have a lot of energy, but the same toys may prove a waste for those who find it difficult to harness their energy. Autism toys can help children in meeting their academic goals as well as help support their curriculum and therapeutic goals.

When trying to look for the best autism toys for toddlers or for other kids with autism, it is important that you take into consideration their special needs. Below, you will find a list of ideas of toys for kids in various developmental stages.

Physical activity play toys

Toys which require a child to use their physical abilities can go a long way in helping them improve their improve hand-eye coordination, develop movement habits, and release a great deal of anxious or excess energy. Thus finding the perfect toy for them that is not over-stimulating or exceedingly complicated may seem like a difficult task. The ‘Seesaw Sensory Integration’ toy gives children with autism a fun and exciting way to improve their body control, motor skills, coordination and concentration. This game consists of a structure resembling a seesaw with an unstable bottom with a ball in the centre. The child stomps on each end of the seesaw and tries to get the ball into its destination. 

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A ‘Hanging Cocoon Swing’ is also an excellent gifting or purchasing option for children with ASD. For kids who enjoy vestibular motion, or those who kids to need to seek refuge, this can be a wonderful toy. This swing is small enough to fit in a living room or bedroom and can be easily folded up and transported for on-the-go use, and also comes along with a cushion.  

Different Not Less offers the perfect Swing for young children with ASD.

Puzzles for children with autism

A lot of children with autism enjoy the simple task of mastering puzzles. When trying to look for the perfect puzzle for kids with autism, it is important to remember their preferences, skill levels and how much they like to challenge themselves.

A lot of people find Different Not Less - brain training and stress relieving puzzles very unique and perfect for their children. These puzzles have large pieces cater to a wide array of interest and can teach kids how to master their motor skills. The website categorizes puzzles according to an age range, so you can always find something appropriate for your child.

Sensory toys for autistic children

 Sensory toys are often recommended by therapists to complement children’s therapies. These toys come in many shapes and sizes including, spinners, chew toys, cubes, rings, hand toys, etc.

Using these types of sensory toys makes it easy to introduce different types of stimuli during times of stress and can be incredibly helpful during therapy as these toys help children with autism focus and calm down or relax.

Thus the ultimate goal of sensory toys is to decrease fear and discomfort of a child around his/her senses through a natural way of learning: play. Take ‘Sensory Stepping Stones’  for example, these come really handy during play or therapy time and help improve your kid’s coordination, proprioception and balance.

Visual toys for autistic children

Children with autism are usually attracted to visually stimulating toys as its rhythmic and fluid nature helps them engage their sense of sight in a pleasant and not jarring manner. Sensory toys, such as, motion lamps, liquid timers, etc.; also help autistic children develop their reading, handwriting and coordination skills. 

The ‘Volcanic Eruption Liquid Motion’ toy is a great option to help children calm down when they become overstimulated and can be used as a great visual aid to help prevent breakdowns.  Liquid Sensory Visual Timers are also a great option for playing with during class, car rides, or times of heightened anxiety. These visual timers come in different shapes and colours and can help focus a child’s mind.

Are there any toys which you found amazing and apt for yourself or your child?

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