Special Needs Families Feature #3 with Sarah Johnson & her family

August 29, 2020 1 Comment

Special Needs Families Feature #3 with Sarah Johnson & her family

Finley has 3 sisters and a step sister and step brother, plus 3 dogs. He has a hamster called cocoa and a goldfish called Mohammed plus a tropical fish. Fin has ASD, ADHD, Tourette’s syndrome, dyslexia, dyspraxia and hyper mobility.

Fin is a very talented singer who loves to play drums and is great at beatboxing. It helps him with his Tics.  He has tried many sports but cannot cope as part of a team but we have finally found a gym called Maximus Gym that is inclusive to him

A pro kick-boxer is Fin’s coach and he is now training in boxing and kick boxing which he loves.  He starts a new school in September called More House in Farnham which is the best school for boys like Fin and we are excited to see what he achieves there.


When Fin wants to do something he wants to do it well. There are many things he cannot do but many more he can.  We teach him to believe in himself.

His autism to us is not a disability. It is who he is and what makes him so special, wouldn’t want him any other way. All I want for him is to feel happy and safe and included.


It’s been hard getting EHCPS and the right school. It’s all been a battle but worth it.

Michael Gove our local MP helped us with our journey when we had a tribunal at royal courts of justice in London which resulted in Surrey conceding the night before. 

I realized when Fin was young he always talked the talk but didn’t understand things. He only liked adults, loved lining toy cars up and used to shout out random words. 

What surprises me is how clever and gifted Fin is, the things he does well he does extremely well but also how many people especially older people think your child is naughty  

The hardest part is trying to explain to Fin why others don’t see the world the same way he does. And I’m his safe place. So with me the meltdowns, anxiety and tics are much worse. But I’m also grateful he feels safe to let them out with me 

 My experience in getting Fin the help he needs has always been a huge headache.

Everything is a fight.

My oldest girls are neuro typical and they were so easy to parent but also grown up. Now only Fin is at home. Some days it’s exhausting some days are amazing.

 Though lockdown has harmed his education his social skills are flying and he is learning to socialize, He even made me a cup of tea which is amazing.

Fin practices photography another hobby which he excels in 


Parenting Fin has changed me a lot. I’m more chilled about lots of things but also a bit lonely as I tend to not socialize now as Fin can’t cope.

I love everything about Fin. My wish is that I could take away his anxiety. Our triumphs are the small ones. One good day, he being happy. One of his triumphs was singing on rock the lockdown and getting over 22k likes on fb .

This is the link :

 One of the triumphs I cherish the most was when he went to Sainsburys on his own while I waited outside as I had forgotten my face mask. I was so proud 


I wish other parents could just understand Fin isn’t rude. I don’t let him get away with things. He’s just different not wrong or right. Just Different and their kids are not better than mine. I also wish they could spend time and see what an amazing gift I have.  

I haven’t seen any changes in the world still. Everything boils down to money and funding. That’s the bottom line of it. The government needs to invest more into our amazing kids and if they do it when they are young, the whole world will benefit when they are older

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September 02, 2020

Well done Sarah . Xx

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